Everybody Loves a Surprise!

Randid will surprise you. You'll never know what you're going to get when you trade random photos with other Randid users. Don't even try to resist sharing those unexpected photos with your Facebook friends.



Tap the camera icon to send out a random pic from Randid!



Once you send one, you'll get one of your own!



See favorite Randids that your Facebook friends have received, all without knowing who they came from.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Views

Sending and receiving Randids is totally serendipitous - that's part of the fun; but there's still a way to share with your friends. "Favorite" the pictures you like and your Facebook friends will see the kinds of random pictures you're getting. Beautiful sunsets, eye-catching landscapes, and artistic masterpieces seen through your camera lens, you'll see things you've never seen before, and you'll want to share them with friends.

Watch your own pictures grow in popularity as well. You'll never know who's getting them, but you'll see that they're being favorited, and that means they're being spread through the Randid community. It's candid! It's random! It's Randid.

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